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Could this be the Winner?
Samsung foldable phone concept
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Samsung has been teasing for a little while, and maybe just maybe, its much-awaited foldable smartphone could make an official appearance at its developer conference in San Francisco happening from Wednesday 7 November (10:00AM PST / 8 November, 2:00AM MYT). Just a couple of days ago, the South Korean tech giant changed its social profile photos to a folded Samsung logo.

According to a Reuters’ report, detailed images of the foldable device will be shown to the public for the first time although chances of an actual device being displayed are apparently low.

Will it be all show and no go?

Samsung first showed off its flexible OLED display phone and tablet concept in 2013. Since then it’s been pretty much vapourware.

This time around, we may just get a glimpse of Samsung’s take of the future with its “Galaxy F” or “Galaxy X” device. Samsung is said to be sharing some of its futuristic phone features at the two-day Samsung Developer Conference 2018 running from 7-8 November 2018.

“Unlike our flagship products, the foldable phone is a completely new concept in terms of design and user experience, which requires a different approach,” a Samsung official told Reuters.

Samsung is seeking critical feedback from developers so they can optimise apps for a device with a folding form factor.

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Previous leaks revealed a 7-inch prototype device codenamed “Winner” that can be folded in half like a wallet.

Over the past year, we’ve seen smartphones with edge-to-edge bezel-less displays, pop-up cameras and sliding backs. 2019 could well be the year of the folding smartphone.

Catch the future of smartphones live:

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