What’s with the weird “1” alert Samsung sent to Galaxy phones worldwide?

Samsung "1" notification message
IA - Shopee

I received a mysterious notification on my Galaxy S10+ and Note9 earlier today. And apparently, I was not alone. The weird notification originating from Samsung’s Find My Mobile app simply read “1” with another “1” below it. Some Galaxy users were naturally freaked out.

Oddly, clicking on the notification does nothing beyond closing the notification shade.

I tweeted my discovery and Samsung Malaysia picked up my posting and replied.

The South Korean smartphone leader explained that the message was “sent unintentionally during an internal test” and assured that there is no effect on my device.

Samsung Malaysia apologised in the following tweet and remarked that they will “work to prevent similar cases from occurring in the future.”

The Find My Mobile feature allows you to remotely locate or lock your Galaxy device, back up your data, wipe the device, as well as block access to Samsung Pay.

It’s similar to Android’s Find My Device or Apple’s Find My app.

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Did you receive the weird notification earlier today?

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