Robot cop starts patrolling Dubai streets today

Robot cop Dubai

Hot on the heels of the autonomous robot vehicle O-R3 in Singapore, another robot is making a debut in the world. This time, it’s a robotic police officer, designed to patrol the street of Dubai. So, RoboCop, for real?

The uniformed robot cop greeted visitors at the Gulf Information Security and Expo Conference (GISEC).

Unlike RoboCop that we’re familiar with, this robot cop rolls around on wheels. According to Khaleej Times, it can salute, bow, and recognize hand gestures from as far as 1.5m away. It can also read facial expressions and speak in multiple languages.

It’s not designed to deter serious crimes, and no, it isn’t armed either. A tablet built into its chest can be used by civilians to report a crime, or pay traffic fines.

Robot cop Dubai

The main objective of the robot is to assist and help people in malls or on the streets. In general, it complements the police force to keep the city safe and improve happiness levels.

The robot cop was designed by Dubai police, together with IBM’s Watson and Google.

The Dubai Police is looking to have more robots in the future to assist policing. The department hopes to replace a quarter of its forces with similar robots by 2030. It aims to implement many smart police mechanisms including smart police stations and robots.

The police said that 50 percent of police buildings will be self-powered by 2030, and by the same year have the first smart police station which doesn’t require human employees. It will also build a DNA data bank.

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Source: Daily Mail UK via The Next Web


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