[Review] Sold.my Fuses Online Shopping and Auctions

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Gaming mouse anyone?

I’m pretty sure readers out there are no strangers to online shopping and online auction sites. Sold.my is positioned as Malaysia’s premium online entertainment shopping website that offers both conventional online shopping and auctions. Sold.my offers a variety of gadgets, lifestyle products and services at the best possible prices. I was exclusively invited to review the newly-revamped Sold.my site.

Founded in Singapore by three entrepreneurial individuals, there are currently over 150,000 users on Sold.sg and Sold.my, with over 20,000 visitors to the sites daily. At any given time, there may be 40-50 live auctions across the two sites.

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Geek grub.

Buy or Bid? Your choice
Items are placed on sale daily and users can make instant purchases. At the moment, there are over 100 products for sale. For those looking for thrills, and love the excitement of bidding, they can bid online at Sold.my Auction. The auction mechanics work very similarly to auction houses, and uses an advanced, pay-to-bid process. All products offered on the site are brand new and sourced from reputable sources. On average, winning bidders can enjoy massive savings of between 60-95% off retail prices.

Zero Risk
Sold.my recently introduced ZERO RISK AUCTION where users can get a full refund on all bids used by buying the same item they bid on at full retail price within 7 days of the end of the auction. Note that you can only participate and win in a maximum of 4 auctions in any 14-day period.

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Crossing my fingers.

Getting started
Here are some basics to get you started.

Step 1: Registration

  • Registration is FREE on www.sold.my/signup
  • Users must be 18 years and above
  • Users must use their real details at registration (failure to do so will result in penalties)
  • Each user can only register once
  • Each household can only have a maximum of 3 accounts

Step 2: Tokens

  • Users must use tokens to bid
  • Tokens used or purchased are not refundable – regardless of the auction outcome
  • Token can be purchased via credit card, online bank transfer, or by bidding for Token Packs
  • Ten (10) complimentary Tokens will be given at registration
  • All Tokens have an expiry date – complimentary Tokens expire in 7 days; purchased Tokens expire in 180 days
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Step 3: Bidding and Winning

  • Click on the “bid” button in the auction area.
  • Each time you bid, the price of the product increases by 15 sen and the time remaining on the clock will also increase by 20 seconds. *for normal auctions
  • Once the timer goes to 0 seconds and the Auction closes, the last bidder wins the auction
  • After you win an auction, you will be notified in the item description page that you are the winner. You can click on ‘Purchase item’ to proceed with payment. Alternatively, the item will also appear in your Shopping Cart, found in the top right hand corner of your page.
  • In order to receive your item, you need to pay the winning purchase price. Payment via MasterCard and Visa is accepted.

* Payment of won items must be made within 14 days.

  • Each user is allowed to win a maximum of 4 unique auctions in 14 days
  • At any one time, each user is allowed to participate in a maximum of 4 auctions, minus the number of auctions you have won in the last 14 days
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I really need a gaming mouse.
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Bidding on this too.

The user experience
From registration to bidding on items that tickle your fancy, Sold.my is pretty intuitive. On the main screen a listing of the latest auctions available are display. To bid, just click on the bid button, or you can choose to buy the item outright. Certain items also offer auto-bidding, and this takes the hassle of having to bid manually every time. You can set and minimum and maximum bid amount, and the x number of bids you would like to make. Each bid will cost you one token.

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In the running.

I was bidding on four items (maximum number of bids) — two of which were manual bids and two auto. At the point of writing, I have three auctions active, having lost an auction on the new Samsung NX1000 camera. *Not happy.

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You need these to start bidding. Grab our special coupon code to get 30% off any order.

So in order to participate in auctions, you will need tokens. You can buy tokens from the link on the secondary menu bar. Secure online payment is supported including all major credit cards and bank transfer systems like Maybank2U.

Use this Promo Code for 30& off ALL Token Packs
By the way, Sold.my has kindly extended an offer to all VERNONCHAN.COM readers who plan to buy tokens for bidding on the site.
Use Promo code “SHOP” to get 30% off ALL Token Packs. The Promo code is valid once per User only. Also Users need to hit “enter” after entering in promo code to apply it.

Sold.my has some interesting geek gear and gadgets for sale on their online store, so if auctions are not your thing, you can buy items, just as you would on any online shopping site. Add to cart, checkout, make payment and wait for shipment. Easy peasy.

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Tony Stark would be proud.

There are some exclusive items including some wares from ThinkGeek and Marvel. More items are expected to be added in time. Do check these out.

While I patiently wait for my auctions to end, why don’t you check the newly-revamped Sold.my out?

Register and win!
Register via this unique link — http://auctions.sold.my/?afcd=GCB2 to qualify for a special lucky draw just for VERNONCHAN.COM readers. Registration is of course free. Sold.my is giving away a Bosign Laptop/tablet pillow to one lucky draw winner.


The Bosign laptop pillow is made of polyester, arched in silicone (37 x 27 x 6cm). The Bosign tablet pillow is made of 100% polyester (cushion). Inner cushion in cotton with polystyrene balls. Measures 27 x 22 x 9.5cm with a pocket size of  24 x 19 x 9.5 cm

Good luck and happy shopping and bidding!

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