[Review] Otterbox Symmetry for HTC One M8: To serve and protect. In style

OtterBox Symmetry for HTC One M8
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Accidents happen. And to our beloved gadgets and smart devices, too. Smartphones fall out of our pockets, from our hands, wiped off the table. Admit it. It’s happened to the best of us. Endless possibilities. But hang on, there’s hope yet. There’s protective gear available for our devices. And then, of course, there’s OtterBox.


OtterBox is synonymous with protective solutions for smartphones, currently the No. 1-selling smartphone case brand in North America.

Peace of mind is absolutely what you’d expect when you mention OtterBox, with its protective cases usually ‘built like a tank.’

At CES 2014 early in the year, OtterBox rolled out its most stylish, slimmest protective case series to date – the Symmetry Series, made for the iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 5c and Samsung GALAXY S4.

And now, there’s the Symmetry built for the new, sexy HTC One M8.

Design and build

Call it perfect timing, because as soon as I got the HTC One M8 review unit recently, the OtterBox Symmetry protective case was placed on my hands too.

The slim and light Symmetry case is a perfect complement to the svelte HTC One M8. Made from a dual-material construction, it is molded into a single piece for easy installation.

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There are several colours available including special versions with wraparound graphics on the exterior.

For optimum shock absorption and drop protection, the case consists of internal synthetic rubber with honeycomb coring.

Custom button cutouts enable zero restrictions to the M8 features, including the IR Blaster and UltraPixel Camera.

Importantly, the front features a raised beveled edge to keep the screen safe.


Unlike the hardcore Defender Series with 3-layer protection, Symmetry keeps it simple and easy. Slide the HTC One M8 gently into the case, and you’re done. No installation needed.

It’s got a ‘slide it in and forget about it’ kind of feel to it (sorry if that came out sounding wrong), which is a good thing. Simple, easy.

The case does add some bulk to the M8, but weight difference is quite negligible.

The Symmetry feels very solid in hand and adds good grip to the otherwise slippery, naked M8 unibody construction.

What’s important is how I’m much less paranoid about knocking, dropping or scratching the M8. As my lifestyle involves moving about a lot, including playing football/futsal, running and travelling, peace of mind is important – without having to treat the M8 like a glass doll.

Ultimately, my only real qualm is the lack of a screen protector, something the Defender Series includes with the case.

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Pricing and availability

The OtterBox Symmetry isn’t officially in Malaysian retail channels yet, but is expected to retail at approximately RM125 (SRP) and will come with a 1 year limited warranty.


  • Slimmest OtterBox ever
  • Light and solid
  • It’s an OtterBox


  • No bundled screen protector


The OtterBox Symmetry Series for the HTC One M8 is a sleek and stylish protective case that complements the sexy curves of the HTC’s new flagship.

While it isn’t quite as hardcore as the Defender Series, the Symmetry still offers adequate everyday protection, with lightness and style to boot.

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