[Review] Canon PowerShot N100: Fantastic little ‘social’ camera

Canon PowerShot N100
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The Facebook-tagging, selfie-taking, Instagram era has dawned upon us, and there really is no turning back. In line with this phenomenon, we have camera-like smartphones and smartphone-like cameras and recently trending – very ‘social’ cameras. And here’s a new one from Canon – the PowerShot N100, the latest PowerShot from one of the biggest names in the camera and digital imaging industry.

Canon calls the PowerShot N100 (PS N100) the “perfect little companion,” a rather apt description considering how feature-packed and ‘social’ this point-and-shoot camera is.

Here are its key features at a glance:

  • 12.1MP CMOS sensor with DIGIC 6 Image Processor
  • 5x Optical Zoom, f/1.8 24mm wide-angle lens with OIS
  • Built-in WiFi, NFC for quick and simple pairing with an Android smartphone, sharing of content and remote shooting
  • Dual Capture using rear-facing camera
  • Story Highlights
  • Creative Shot feature
  • Hybrid Auto for recording stills and video to make short highlight reels
  • 3.0-inch 90-degree tilt, capacitative touch panel LCD
  • 1080p Full HD video

Life should be fun, and so should your camera

I had a couple of days to play with the PS N100, and I have to say it’s a fun camera that’s easy to use, feature-packed and ‘snappy’.

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I love the fact that it has a f/1.8 wide-angle lens, something that would even impress a pro photographer. And sure enough it doesn’t disappoint. The big aperture ensures “bokehlicious” photos with super sharp objects and gloriously blurred backgrounds.

The wide aperture also means great low-light performance, complemented by the latest DIGIC 6 image processor, part of the Canon HS System for image quality.

What’s ultimately cool about the PS N100 is the built-in Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities. With Wi-Fi, I got it easily connected with the HTC One M8. All I needed was to download the Canon CameraWindow app from Google Play, and I was on my way to do some remote shooting, photo viewing and social sharing from the phone. A dedicated Mobile Device Connect Button on the side of the camera makes it easy to connect to your smart device or computer.


Photos I shot were quickly transferred and uploaded to Instagram. You can catch some on my Insta feed, also tagged with #Canon #CanonSocialSync and #PSN100

The other cool feature is Creative Shot – a set of creative filters automatically applied when you shoot your photos, then saved to your album individually. This takes random, spontaneous photo-taking to a whole new level.


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Above the LCD is a secondary camera which allows Dual Capture, part of its “Story Camera” feature. What it does is allows you to be shooting a subject, while also shooting you, the photographer, for those priceless moments. It may be you shooting your newborn, and your reaction, at the same time. Or perhaps you shooting Taylor Swift on stage, and you screaming like a crazy dude holding a camera. It could very well be, priceless.

Story Highlights is a feature where a ready-to-share short reel is created from your still pictures and videos, without leaving your camera. Share these stories via Wi-Fi to your smartphone, social networks or computer.

Sample images (click to enlarge)

Creative Shot mode

Dual Capture mode

Auto mode

Remote trigger via Canon CameraWindow app


As far as first impressions goes, the Canon PowerShot N100 is a fantastic little camera that pretty much packs everything you would want in a point-and-shoot. I think it will be a delightful companion on those holidays, family celebrations and even, food excursions. I honestly like this camera very much, one of the better point-and-shoot cameras I’ve used thus far.

Pricing and availability

The Canon PowerShot N100 will be officially introduced in a couple of days. Pricing has yet to be revealed, but is approximately priced at US$350.00.

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