PUBG Mobile is world’s highest-grossing mobile game

Battle Royale-style game rakes in USD146 last month
PUBG Mobile

Fornite who? Tencent‘s PUBG Mobile is now not only the most popular mobile game in the world, it’s also the highest-grossing. The battle royale-style game raked in more than USD146 million in revenue last month.

The revenue total is split between PUBG Mobile and Game for Peace–a China-only rebrand. According to data insights from Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile made USD76 million, while the China-specific version brought in USD70 million. The spending covers in-app purchases of items and skins

Earlier in May, Tencent rebranded PUBG Mobile in China as Game for Peace due to a government crackdown on video games featuring excessive violence. While it offers similar gameplay as the original, there’s no blood in Game for Peace. When a player “dies,” they wave goodbye before disappearing from the battlefield.

Both versions of PUBG Mobile made it to the world’s top grossing mobile app in May on Apple and Google app stores.

Coming in second is Honor of Kings, also a title from Tencent. Note, the data does not include China’s Android app marketplaces.

Fornite Mobile earned USD43.3 million in May.

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