Proton R3: Protons on steroids

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Race Rally Research or R3 for short — Proton’s official motorsports division, has given supporters something to look forward to in the coming months. The R3 marketing head has released a scoop on what’s to come from R3, very soon.

Proton R3 DNA-injected, limited edition, custom-built cars from the Proton factory would feature steroid-injected modifications significantly improving engine power output, handling with plenty of branded, high-quality performance extras.

Among the featured highlights are tuned powertrain, carbon fiber bonnets, stiffer suspensions, bolder brakes, new MOMO, Recaro SR4 front seats, Advanti rims and YOKO rubber. Can I say “yum”?

GTi on steroids

The Satria R3 will be the first in the R3 stable. Based on the Satria GTi base vehicle, the R3 version would be nimble, responsive and quick and will be the fastest Proton production car to date.

If any of you have seen the SSO white Satria and Putra during the SSO events in Sepang + Proton R&D, you’d be happy to know that the competition white paintjob would be incorporated into the Proton R3 vehicles. Special R3 brand colour trims would be incorporated in the interior.

I am excited. I am really excited. For R3 and for Proton. It’s great to be able to buy a factory-tuned performance vehicle, much like what Ralliart does for Mitsubishi, ProDrive for Subaru, AMG/Brabus for Mercedes, M3 for BMW, Nismo for Nissan, TRD + Tom’s for Toyota, Spoon for Honda. And it’s bloody about time too. The now defunct PERT alliance between EON and Petronas was pretty good in its heyday, but R3, being an official division of Proton would be in a better position to do great things for the general public, and the performance oriented in particular.

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Apparently R3 is also preparing a limited edition, suped-up Gen.2. Very, very tempting.

According to OZ press, R3 will be launching vehicles Down Under in the near future. FYI, Proton is quite big in Australia. They even have their own production class races there.

I will be very tempted to trade in my car for a steroid-induced R3 when they appear. My heart is racing like it’s on NOS I tell you!

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  • <![CDATA[Philip]]>

    Tested the Satria R3…I must say good handling, adquate power, quite comfortable ride even though it sits on sports suspensions, you must try conering with this car-very little body roll and the sound is cool when accelerating. In 4th gear the car easily overtakes other cars. One thing I’m not certain is that the temperature rises higher than other cars.

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