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How awesome it would be, if I pledged some cash to a game that I want developed and get a graphics card to boot? Well look no further as AMD, Razer and the Defense Grid 2 developers are working together to launch their game through Kickstarter, which comes with really juicy stuff.

What is Defense Grid?

Defense Grid is a Tower Defense game with 3D elements and enhancements, unlike the ones we get from Warcraft 3 mods. Defense Grid 2 however, wants to push the boundaries further with more 3D graphics and may include multiplayer and a level-editor depending on the pledges. Still, it would be an awesome game as Tower Defense games are highly addictive and mostly fun, not to mention challenging. It’s predecessor, Defence Grid is available on Steam.

The More I Pledge, The More I Get!

Now, the pledges do come with a price. Take for instances the $195 pledge, you can get a whole lot, with Defense Grid 2 posters, T-Shirts, Limited Edition USB thumbdrives, name accredited to the game and AMD Radeon 6770 graphics card! Thats a whole lot of stuff for USD195! As the value of pledge goes up, more and more stuff will be given and I tell you it gets better. For instance, pledging $220 will get you a AMD Radeon 6870 including other merchandise from Defense Grid 2 as well!  Furthermore, the provided graphic cards will be set to a ”special setting” if you ever use it to play Defense Grid 2. Furthermore, when you pledge you will a copy of Defense Grid on Steam.

So, What Do I Get?

  • Defense Grid (PC) game, DG:Containment, you’ll get any new DG content funded from this Kickstarter when development is complete  and you’ll also get DG2 when it is released.
  • A unique Defense Grid Backer-only poster.
  • AMD Radeon HD 6770 or 6870 graphics video card depending on the pledge.
  • GREEN or RED Razer Naga Hex laser gaming mouse.
  • Unique Defense Grid Tower pendrive.
  • Lifetime Steam PC Access for all current and future DG contents.
  • Voice actor for the characters in the game.
  • Your name in the game’s credits
  • Ultimately, VIP access to hangout with the team of developers. You will also get a VIP forum account to share your opinion and get a chance to play the game before anyone else!

*The goods vary depending on your pledge. Read here for more info.

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