NVIDIA Holodeck

NVIDIA drives Level 5 autonomous delivery trucks

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Aside from announcing the Pegasus, NVIDIA also had other things up its sleeve that will help in traffic situations, delivery efficiency and reducing costs.

NVIDIA DRIVE PX Autonomous Delivery Trucks


NVIDIA announced a partnership with Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL) for a test fleet of autonomous vehicles to be deployed in 2018. DPDHL will be fitting a series of light electric trucks with the ZF ProAI self-driving technology based on the NVIDIA DRIVE PX for automating package transportation and delivery. This enables taking packages to a series of places which are considered as the most complex and expensive aspect of courier and e-commerce deliveries.

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As of now, DPDHL has a fleet of 3,400 StreetScooter electric delivery vehicles, which can be fitted with ZF’s multiple sensors including cameras, lidar and radar which then feeds into the ZF ProAI system.

This enables the vehicle to understand the environment, plan a safe path and proceed along the select path and even park itself to ensure better and efficient deliveries.

NVIDIA Holodeck

NVIDIA Holodeck
NVIDIA Holodeck

The Holodeck brings designers, developers and customers together to discover, build and explore creations in a realistic Virtual Reality (VR) environment. The platform’s immersive and photoreal experience churns creativity, provides better understanding of a scene or model.

It streamlines the review process and of course, reduces the need of creating physical prototypes which can be very costly. Because of this, the Holodeck is already used as a powerful design lab for AI agents which have already been trained with the NVIDIA Isaac Simulator.

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With the Holodeck, product designers and developers can render large and detailed scale models in a photo realistically and life-like scale. Designers can save a lot of time focusing on designs instead of simplifying complex models to achieve a better experience in VR.

Designers and developers can also interact with other people and robots in a physically simulated environment. This enables simpler understanding of the product and to get a better sense of how it feels, looks, sounds and behaves in a simulated environment before they even deploy them to the real world.

Also, the Holodeck can also enhance the workflow with the AI-powered simulation tools. Intelligent machinery can be deployed and trained in the realistic simulated environment of the Holodeck.

The intelligence can be transferred between both virtual and real worlds so that the machines can be deployed more safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Source: NVIDIA

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