Instagram Stories music sticker

Want to overlay “I want it that way” over your Instagram Stories? Yes, now you can. Legally. Everyone’s favourite Snapchat rip-off has just launched a feature that lets you put music over your Instagram Stories pic or video. The new feature is set to roll-out to users soon.

According to Instagram, its Instagram Stories feature is huge. It’s now used by 400 million users every day. So, this new feature, expectedly, is going to make some people very happy.

Here’s how it works.

Swipe left to access Stories as you usually would. Then when you tap to add a sticker to a photo or video, you’ll now have an added music icon.

Tap on it and it will open a huge can of worms library of thousands of songs. Songs are categorised by Popular, Moods and Genres and you can easily search for a specific song.

Instagram Stories music format

A play button on the right of a track lets you preview the song before you add it to your story.

What’s cool is that you can fast-forward or rewind through the track to choose the exaxt part that you want to put to your story.

Alternatively, you can choose a song before capturing a video. When you open the Instagram Stories camera, swipe on the carousel to the “Music” option under the record. Then search for a song, select the exact part you want, and record your video as the song plays in the background.

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When someone watches your story, they’ll hear the song playing in the background. There will also be a sticker showing the song title and artist name.

Instagram says it’s adding new songs to the music library every day. Seeing that Instragram has licensing deals with UMG, Sony, and Warner, to name a few, the library will expand in no time.

The music sticker is part of Instagram version 51 in select countries, and available on iOS devices only. Sorry, Android. It will roll out soon, though.

Source: Instagram


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