Norton 360 Multi-Device*… Extending Protection Beyond the PC



The term Post-PC is regularly heard and used. We’ve moved beyond the desktop PC and notebook computers. Smartphones and tablets now outsell traditional PCs as we know it. The digital explosion has inevitably opened up users to a whole new world of vulnerabilities and security threats, as the world goes increasingly mobile. The statistics are clear – over 44% of mobile phone owners across the globe use their mobile to access the internet. Out of 10% have experienced mobile related cybercrime. Norton by Symantec, a global leader in security solutions, aims to change all that with Norton 360 Everywhere Multi-Device* – a multi-platform security solution that offers both cloud-based and mobile security.

Since its launch last year, I’ve been using Norton 360 Everywhere for my Mac and Android smartphones. Here’s a primer. Norton 360 Everywhere offers protection for your mobile (Android smartphones and tablets), Mac and PC. You get the full protection of Norton 360 version 6.0, Macs get Norton Internet Security for Mac, and mobile devices get Norton Mobile Security 2.0. It features cloud-based management via Norton Management which can be assessed via web. With Norton Management, you can manage all your devices, download software, do remote install/uninstalls, check device security status and also manage all your subscriptions and licenses.

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Norton 360 Multi-Device offers the convenience of one license key across platforms, and supports a combination of 5 devices. Not only that, Norton 360 Multi-Device gives license holders 25GB of online storage for backup.

The Norton 360 Multi-Device suite includes a CD with both Mac and PC installers as well as QR Code link to Norton Mobile Security download.

Norton 360 Multi-Device retails at RM309.99 and includes a 5 device license, one-year subscription, Symantec’s protection updates and one full year of Norton’s customer support. For more information, visit the Norton Update centre at

So protect your devices and get some piece of mind.

For more details, visit

We’re running a giveaway of 5 copies of Norton 360 Multi-Device, generously sponsored by Symantec. Stay tuned!

*Symantec has notified us that Norton 360 Everywhere is now known as Norton 360 Multi-Device


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