Is your Nokia 8 camera freezing? Here’s a quick fix

Nokia 8

It’s great to see the iconic Nokia brand back in the game with a real flagship device: the Nokia 8. This premium phone boasts Zeiss Optics with a dual-camera setup, top-of-the-class Snapdragon 835 and a new “bothie” mode.

I’ve spent the past week with the Nokia 8, and I’ve come to appreciate its build quality and design, snappy performance; and the “bothie” mode for both photos and videos is fun.

The 13MP f/2.0 colour + 13MP f/2.0 monochrome cameras have PDAF, complete with two-tone LED flash. The front on the other hand, is also a 13MP f/2.0 unit but with a screen flash.

The cool thing about the Nokia 8 is its ability to use both front and rear cameras simultaneously. The unique “bothie” feature should sit well with bloggers, content creators and journalists. The split-screen effect is supported on Facebook Live, YouTube Live as well as Snapchat. Nokia said it’s working with Instagram to get bothie to Instagram Stories.

Nokia 8 Camera Freeze Fix

That aside, the two-camera setup on the rear enables “live bokeh” mode. It blurs the background while keeping the focus subject sharp. The degree of bokeh can be controlled.

On the software side of things, the Nokia 8 features a rather basic stock-ish camera app. It’s usable, but if you’re expecting richer features ala Lumia, you’re going to be disappointed.

Also, because the Nokia 8 runs stock Android, it uses the Google Photos app and doesn’t have a separate gallery app.


Hence, I stumbled upon a bug. I noticed that my camera app has been freezing constantly after I take a photo. And apparently, I’m not the only one who has been experiencing this issue. My colleague was also reporting freeze issues with the camera.

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After days of tolerating multiple freezes, I decided to reset camera settings, and take a peek at Google Photos settings.

I suspected there was a sync bug of sorts, and perhaps due to poor connectivity, and it was causing the camera app to freeze. This reminded me of a similar problem with my old Nexus and Nexus S.

Nokia 8 Camera Freeze Fix

The fix

So, if you’re experience camera app freezes like me, here’s what you can do:

  1. Go to Google Photos > Settings > Google apps
  2. Turn off “Show Google Drive photos & videos in your Photos library”

That’s basically it. Until there’s a fix for the camera freeze bug, this seems to have solved the problem for me. I haven’t had a freeze since. My colleague has also reported that everything is dandy with the camera now.

Nokia 8 users, are you experiencing the same issue? On that note, any other bugs you’ve stumbled upon with the Nokia 8?

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  • Austin

    I’ll tell you what.. Nokia 8 is the worst phone I’ve ever used, I literally wasted my money, when I have extra money to buy another phone, I’ll dump this bullshit in the WC and flush it. How can a 4gb RAM phone be hanging from the first week of purchase, it hangs almost everyday, there’s nothing flexible about this phone, I won’t recommend it to anybody, I always tell my friends, never buy a Nokia phone, the camera is even the worst, 13 GB seems like 5gb or at best 8gb, no image stabilization, some times after snapping it takes 5secs or more for the shot to be taken. I’ll smash this phone soon

    • Vernon Chan

      For Nokia’s sake I hope they fix these niggling software problems in the next firmware updates. Some of the bugs are truly annoying, and I understand your predicament.

    • Javier Núñez Silva

      All has to do with this single but really annoying bug. Shoot with just color sensor and deactivate sync/Drive option and it will fly: mine does, granted the camera doesn’t spoil it.

    • Javier Núñez Silva

      I’ve detected the issue might be related with some apps: close Google Play in advance (1 minute or so). That worked for me.

  • Javier Núñez Silva

    This has been by far the single most frustrating issue with Nokia 8. Everything goes smoothly and then the camera freezes so often… For now your fix seems to work. Thx!

    • Vernon Chan

      Really glad to know it works for you. Let’s hope Nokia pushes out a proper update, and I can’t wait for Oreo.

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