MyCar e-hailing service heading to Johor next month

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MyCar, the new e-hailing service which recently kicked off in the Klang Valley, will be heading down south to Johor next month. According to NST, 1,000 drivers have signed up to be driver partners in Johor.

The service has been operating since February this year, and the company has been actively recruiting drivers. The company targeted former Uber drivers, offering competitive benefits.

MyCar founder Mohd Noah Maideen said that in Johor, there are about 10,000 active Uber drivers and he hopes to attract half of them to join the new service.

MyCar said that driver and passenger registration in Johor has been overwhelming. It is targeting a launch event in Johor in early May and are in the midst of setting up an office in the state capital.

Currently, the service only accepts cash payment, with a minimum fare of MYR5 in the Klang Valley. For other states like Johor, the fare for the first 5km is MYR4.

In terms of type of services, MyCar offers MyCar Economy, MyCar Premium, MyCar MPV Compact, MyCar MPV Premium and MyCar Cab.

The MyCar app is available on Android and iOS, and the service is also accessible via

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Uber’s consolidation in Southeast Asia means Grab would become a dominant player in the e-hailing and ride-sharing segment. However, this also leaves room for other players like MyCar to come in to compete.

This will give both drivers and general consumers an alternative to Grab, and it will ensure there’s competition in the space.

With Grab acquiring Uber’s operations in SEA, Grab has opened its doors to Uber drivers to join its platform. However, many former Uber driver partners are seeking alternatives.

So far, there are about 57,000 drivers registered with MyCar since it started operating in February, with 10% comprising women. In the last two months, over 5,000 passengers have used the service in the Klang Valley.

The app is equipped with an SOS button as added security for passengers and drivers.

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