MechWarrior Online receives a Pretty Baby


While making babies isn’t a likely quest for your Valentine’s, there’s at least something to look forward to in MechWarrior Online this February. If you’re wondering what this post is all about, you’ve got to just scroll down and view the video. The February content patch for MechWarrior Online will introduce a new hero mech “Pretty Baby”, which is a 80 Ton Awesome Assault Mech.


Despite it’s name, Pretty Baby is NOT a Mech you want to kiss. (At least not while the rest of her weapons are still attached..)

Also included in the February Patch is a new camo, the Tiger Stripe, All new in match screens, Year of the Snake cockpit items and a Camo Spec SALE from February 5th till February 14th! Yippee! For more updates and the full patch notes, visit this here link.



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  • Backstarch Kam

    ou, pretty baby~~

  • Backstarch Kam

    ou, pretty baby~

  • Ys Ong

    i like how they name the base mech name. AWESOME !

  • tying

    second time reading wont boring too.

  • Kanzaki Katy


  • bing00

    is amazing

  • tying


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