MaxisOne Prime: The ultimate all-in-one fibre and mobile plan for your family

MaxisONE Prime
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Maxis today introduced the latest addition to its MaxisONE plan portfolio. Catering to the upper end of the market, the MaxisONE Prime is the ultimate plan that combines the best of Maxis’ fibre broadband and mobile services.

What’s so special about this new plan?

First, let’s talk about fibre. As you know, Maxis Home Broadband offers speeds of 10Mbps, 30Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps. With MaxisONE Prime, fibre is combined with the top rung MaxisONE 188 mobile plan. Otherwise, on its own, the MaxisONE 188 plan gives you 50GB of data per month (25GB all-day + 25GB weekend).

What’s cool is that gives you the assurance of always-on data, even at home. You see, the Home Broadband router also comes with a 4G SIM, so if ever your fibre connection is disrupted, it automatically hooks up to 4G LTE so you’ll never ever have downtime.

Speaking of which. Both the fibre and mobile line are “endless,” in other words, unlimited. It’s of course subject to a fair usage policy aka FUP, naturally, once your combined usage of mobile data (including your shared line) hits 300GB. But this only applies to the quality of your video streaming services, from HD to SD quality and not to your data per se.

Talking about shared lines, you can share your main mobile line to up to four family members. And yes, the unlimited data is shared too.


In terms of pricing, the base MaxisONE Prime package with one shared line + 30Mbps fibre is priced at MYR367. You can add up to four more shared mobile lines for MYR48 per line.

You have to option to have higher fibre speeds: 50Mbps and 100Mbps, for additional MYR40 and MYR120 respectively.

A full-blown five-line + 100Mbps home fibre package will set you back MYR679.

You may be thinking, isn’t it the same price if I were to subscribe ala carte? And you’re not wrong.

However, you will not enjoy unlimited data on your mobile, or the 4G LTE backup if your fibre connection is ever disrupted. As an added bonus, you also get the service of the Maxis One Maxperts team, a dedicated technical team that helps you setup and optimise your home Wi-Fi setup. Also, customer support is a phone call away via a personal customer helpline.

Finally, you can also choose from a range of devices for the home or mobile via Zerolution. That means no upfront payment, no interest, at a low monthly fee. Devices range from smartphones to TVs and gaming consoles.

MaxisONE Prime benefits in a nutshell:

  • Endless high-speed data for home and mobile with up to five shared lines.
  • Zero downtime high-speed fibre thanks to automatic wireless 4G backup.
  • Latest home and mobile devices via Zerolution.
  • Dedicated Maxperts team to optimise home network performance.

Customers can visit any Maxis Centre to sign up or head to the website to customise their MaxisOne Prime plan based on the number of mobile lines and home fibre sped needed. Once done, customers can submit the registration of interest online.

Note that the service is subject to availability of fibre coverage in your location.

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