Maxis Zerolution360 is Zerolution on steroids

Maxis Zerolution360
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Maxis’ Zerolution was a ground-breaking device ownership programme when it was launched back in May 2015. It answered the call of young consumers who change their mobile devices every 12-18 months. By offering an option to upgrade every 12 months, consumers are not caught with an obsolete phone by the time their telco contract expires. Another huge plus is that there’s zero cash upfront, zero interest easy instalments and your device instalments are billed conveniently together with your monthly bill.

The Zerolution program has been highly successful for Maxis, and has proven popular, especially for those who love flagship smartphones and are avid upgraders. It’s hassle-free and consumers get to keep ahead with the times while keeping it light on the wallet thanks to affordable monthly instalments.

So, how do you top that?

Well, Maxis today introduced a whole new way to own the flagship device that you want. Think of it as Zerolution 2.0, but I’d like to think of it as Zerolution on steroids. Called Zerolution360, it’s a phone membership programme that offers customers a “360-degree” worry-free device experience – from the point of signing up, to maintaining the device, and to the point of upgrading in the future.

Here’s why Zerolution360 rocks, and why it’s also a whole lot better than the original Zerolution programme.

Zerolution360 is currently available for a small host of Android flagship smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, as well as the just-launched Galaxy Note9. How about iPhone you ask? Maxis said they’re working hard to bringing iOS devices to the program, likely in Q4 of this year.

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As you may know, the iPhone X is offered under Zerolution, but a credit card is required for enrolment. Maxis said they’re looking to standardise this process to make it a no credit card needed requirement in the future.

What you love about the original Zerolution programme is standard feature on Zerolution360. This means zero upfront payment, no credit card needed and easy interest-free monthly instalments. Zerolution360 also adds a comprehensive protection plan as an all-exclusive device experience.

With the original Zerolution, device protection via Maxis Safe Device and annual upgrades are optional features which cost an additional MYR15 and MYR30 per month, respectively.

This includes immediate one-to-one replacement for lost or damaged devices, total device protection as well as free phone upgrades every two years (with an option to upgrade annually for a fee). Return the phone in good condition as early as one year to upgrade to a brand new phone. Upgrade fees reduce every quarter, and is free from month 24 onwards.

To be clear, there are two protection packages: Basic and Premium. With the Premium package, which is an additional MYR10 per month, you’ll get priority repair services with faster repair times (as quick as two hours), a back-up loan phone, and a one-time free screen replacement.

Naturally, Zerolution360 will buddy up with a MaxisONE plan – MOP 128, MOP 158 or MOP 188. You can sign up for a plan or if you’re an existing subscriber to these plans, you’re eligible. Any cancellation of the MOP will result in termination of the Zerolution360 subscription and a penalty charge will apply.

For new sign-ups for Zerolution360, just walk in to a Maxis Centre or Maxis Exclusive Partner Store nationwide, or via the Maxis Online Store. As long as you are not on a current Zerolution plan or device plan, and have a good payment record for the past three months, you’re all set.

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Zerolution360 is really a phone leasing program, in a nutshell. You don’t completely own the device, but instead lease it over long term. The minimum commitment is 24 months. Once you’ve reached the end of 24 months, you can continue to use the device under the program, upgrade, or choose to return the device in good working condition without paying any charges.

In general, Zerolution360 will offer anything from 20-40 percent savings over an equivalent Zerolution device instalment, which is rather enticing.

Note that, Maxis only allows one Zerolution360 subscription per NRIC.

For existing Zerolution subscribers, there’s no option to upgrade or migrate to Zerolution360. You’ll have to see to the end of the contract before starting a new one with Zerolution360.

By the way, you can take home a Galaxy Note9 for as low as MYR99 per month with Zerolution360, as part of the device’s pre-order promo that runs from 10-19 August 2018.

Refer to FAQ for details.

Initial thoughts

Like the original Zerolution, Zerolution360 is a hassle-free way to “own” the latest smartphone, now with even more benefits and savings. It’s a step in the right direction and fantastic for avid upgraders and early adopters. The comprehensive protection plan gives consumers added peace of mind, and the low monthly payments make it an affordable option to a normal contract.

For more information, visit the Maxis Zerolution page.

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