Maxis Opens Pre-registration for Apple iPhone 5


Malaysia’s biggest Telco, Maxis, has started to offer pre-registration (“Registration of Interest”) for Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone 5.

Pre-registration in this case pre-qualifies you to purchase a maximum of two units during the launch. This of course does not guarantee you will obtain the devices on launch day. That would depend on your queue number and stock numbers on the day.

Will we see massive queues like we did at last year’s big iPhone 4S launch? Highly likely. Maxis has a reputation on making it a big affair, and this should be no different.

Apple recently announced the availability of the iPhone 5 in 50 additional countries including Malaysia in December.

Malaysia is set to launch the smartphone on December 14. No word from other telcos yet.

Go ahead and register your interest!

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3 replies on “Maxis Opens Pre-registration for Apple iPhone 5”

I wanted to get 2 units, but in the form it does not allow us to choose how many units we want. So does it mean I have to send the form in twice?

This is only a registration of interest. So, it entitles you to participate in the launch queue. At the launch you will get a queue number, and with the queue number you will be entitled to purchase max of two units of iPhone 5. 🙂

Hi Kapil, the form is just a registration of interest and not the actual booking of the phone. Registering allows you to attend the launch to grab a queue number. With the queue number, you are entitled to buy 2 units of iPhone 5 at the launch.

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