Maxis launches ONERetail, complete digital solutions suite for retail industry

First telco in Malaysia to offer a complete suite of digital solutions for the retail industry
Maxis ONERetail
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It’s 2018. Yet, almost 70 percent of SMEs in Malaysia don’t have an online presence. Shocking, isn’t it? The bigger problem is that many SMEs have not digitised their businesses – still resorting to manual sales & inventory tracking, guessing the needs of customers and struggling with human resource.

Here’s where Maxis ONERetail can play the enabler, offering a comprehensive range of digital solutions comprising cloud-based point-of-sales (POS), e-commerce and SMS marketing. Maxis is the first telco in Malaysia to offer a complete suite of digital solutions for the retail industry.

How Maxis ONERetail helps businesses is by, first and foremost, removing the hassle of adopting piecemeal solutions from multiple providers. Through a single point-of-contact, businesses can harness technology to improve operational efficiency, increase profits and reaching the right customers, at the right time.

The Maxis ONERetail comprises several core components:

  • eCommerce: Maxis ONERetail offers webstore customisation by a dedicated team of experts, sales & performance insights & analytics dashboards, and digital marketing services. Maxis is the first telco in Malaysia to offer a complete, end-to-end e-commerce solution.
  • Cloud POS: The cloud platform enables businesses to access their data at anytime, anywhere be it sales & inventory as well as develop sales & customer analytics. It’s the only Cloud POS in the country that can be used with a retailer’s existing hardware. Another big plus is that it’s free, and zero-downtime software upgrades are included.
  • mPOS: This component lets businesses accept card payments on-the-spot. It also allows viewing of real-time reports, and the acceptance of large payment amounts with low credit card transaction fees.
  • eSMS: Consolidated customer data collection enables businesses to reach out to the right audience and drive targeted foot traffic.
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A few local success stories include XIXILI, a homegrown lingerie brand, that has been using Maxis’ eCommerce solution. Meanwhile, Haruka Bakery, a local bakery, currently uses Maxis’ Cloud POS solution.

For more information on Maxis ONERetail, visit or call 1700-81-8881.

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