Maxis Fibre Internet hits 100Mbps, but at a price

Maxis Fibre Internet 100Mbps
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The need for speed is a growing one as consumers become highly connected at work and play. With the advent of streaming content like 4K video and music, it’s time for providers to step up the game. Maxis has done just that with the announcement of its 100Mbps fibre broadband plan, for residential use.

Maxis is only one of two providers that are offering broadband speeds in access of 100Mbps, with TIME Broadband being the only other player in this space. Even our ‘national’ telco TM does not offer such speeds for the general consumer.

So, you wanted fast? How about ultra fast? 100Mbps enables you to download a whole music album in 25 seconds. Or a HD movie in 3 minutes. And since we’re pretty much smack in the middle of the streaming era, except absolutely silky smooth, lag-free streaming in ultra high-definition in both video and audio.


But 100Mbps does come with a price. The top of the line 100Mbps package goes for RM398/month (inclusive of 6% GST). On the bright side, you get truly unlimited, un-throttled speeds with absolutely no data cap. You’ll also get to enjoy free calls worth RM30 to all mobile, fixed numbers and IDD destinations. There’s also unlimited free calls to Maxis fixed lines. Subscribers will be tied on a 24-month contract.

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In the event you’re unhappy with the service, you can cancel it without extra charges – part of Maxis Fibre Internet’s 30-day Return Back Guarantee.

To be honest, 100Mbps is plenty for the general consumer (let’s not compare to countries like Korea, Japan and Singapore though). For those who don’t require such insane speeds, you can settle for existing, more down-to-earth plans: 30Mbps, 20Mbps and 10Mbps, offered at RM248/month, RM198/month and RM148/month respectively. These plans come with a 100GB data quota cap.


Maxis Fibre Internet plans

If you’re a MaxisONE Plan subscriber, you’re in luck. For the 100Mbps package, you get RM68/month off on your subscription. For lower rung plans, MaxisONE plan subscribers get RM20/month off.

Need more information? Head over to Maxis Fibre Internet page.


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