Maxis A.I. Network all set for 5G


Maxis is armed and ready for the 5G era. The telco has been building an advanced and intelligent network it dubs A.I. Network—ready to support 5G speeds, resilience and latency demands.

Developed in-house, the A.I. network us built upon 5G-ready infrastructure with the widest fibre-optic footprint to mobile base stations across the country.

According to Maxis, its A.I. network self-optimises data traffic along the most efficient routes and can even self-heal by anticipating and rerouting traffic around potential problem areas.

This ensures a more seamless and lag-free Internet experience and Always On connectivity for mission critical business applications and end users.

Maxis A.I. Network drone
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Here’s how the adaptive, intuitive A.I. Network is working smarter:

Smart network traffic management: The Maxis mobile and fibre network are now an integrated and expansive “Next-Gen IP network superhighway” with traffic control systems that can pre-empt potential usage spikes and allocate more bandwidth for the event. 

This is possible through automated data rerouting capabilities on the network built with multiple alternative routes.

Support for NB-IoT: Following the successful roll-out of the first commercial NB-IoT service in Malaysia, the A.I Network will provide strong support for Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology built with 5G-like capabilities. The network is designed for mass-scale industrial deployments for enterprise and government.

Faster first call resolution: The A.I. Network can provide more accurate analysis in the event of a network outage for individual customers, resulting in better first call resolution.

Business continuity: The network’s proactive notification system is able to alert enterprise customers on performance updates within five minutes, enabling prompt business contingency planning.

On-the-go management: Through a network health dashboard app, Maxis service managers can work on-the-go to troubleshot issues and identify solutions for enterprise customers.

Preventative maintenance: Maxis’ Project SkyEye uses industry-grade high-performance drones to capture 360-degree HD image of the company’s network towers. The footage is the relayed back to their server for high-speed diagnostic scanning. Maxis A.I. has been trained for precise, efficient structural fault detection and prediction, and can recommend appropriate preventative maintenance measures.

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