Marketing Automation and Automated Lead Management Made Easy with SaaS

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It’s not uncommon these days to hear people speak of “The Cloud” or “Cloud Computing” or “Cloud-based Services”. The “Cloud” transcends far beyond its existence as a buzzword. For end users and enterprise alike, cloud-based services enhance our lives in myriad ways.

At enterprise level, Software as a Service (SaaS) or “on-demand software” is a common software delivery model in which software (or applications) and data are hosted centrally and remotely (cloud) and are accessed by users using a client, typically a web browser over the internet. SaaS has become a common delivery model for most business applications, including accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and human resource management (HRM).

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Some companies such as Eloqua provide SaaS to enable marketers to generate more leads and improve marketing effectiveness through an automated, intuitive platform. Multi-model lead scoring and integration with leading CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Oracle CRM result in higher conversion ratios and shorter sales cycles. Customer results include breakeven ROI in two months, shortened sales cycle by 30%, and 171% increase in qualified leads. Advantages of harnessing the power of SaaS are plenty — easier and quicker to implement than conventional client-side software, cost effective, multi-platform deployment, robust, highly scalable, automated software upgrades, just to name a few.

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Manticore Technology is a leading provider of demand generation and lead management software – delivering powerful, unmatched, easy-to-use and implement marketing automation platforms that enable B2B marketers of any sized organization to effectively manage their marketing funnel and measure the impact of their marketing programs.

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