MaGaCon Brings Gaming to the Mainstream in Malaysia

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The annual Malaysia Games Convention (MaGaCon), the largest games convention that combines the best of both digital and analog gaming is back. Happening over the weekend of 3 and 4 November, MaGaCon will bring an all-you-can-play buffet of fun and games at Publika Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.

[quote]”Attendees are treated to a buffet of hundreds of games from around the world. Boardgames, card games, multiplayer PC games, Playstation 3, Xbox Kinect, miniature wargaming – MaGaCon has something for everyone,” said Chang Yee Fong, the founder and Executive Director of MaGaCon.[/quote]

Mom, dad plays games too
There is a lingering perception that games are only meant for kids (and how wrong that perception is!), and many will not admit that they are actually gamers. According to a 2011 study done by the Entertainment Software Association, a digital gaming association in the US, the average video game player is 37 years old. Surprised much?

There is an inherent rise of boardgame cafes in the country, which has shown that there is a rise in analog games as an alternative to video or PC gaming. Boardgame cafes like Meeples serve boardgames and cardgames as well as food and drinks.

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The primary objective of MaGaCon is to promote gaming as a healthy social activity for all ages. “Let’s have fun” has been MaGaCon’s motto since its debut last year.

The age of MaGaCon attendees range between 5 to 60 years. It certainly shows the appeal of games throughout one’s living years.

Games for everyone
MaGaCon isn’t about hardcore gaming. You don’t have to a competitive gamer to enjoy MaGaCon. It’s a convention for all. It’s possibly the friendliest place you could ever be, meeting like-minded people who are there just to have fun and experience the many types of games available.

It is in fact a great place to try out different gaming genres. MaGaCon has trained stuff to guide first-timers and ensure they gain the most from the event.

At the venue, MaGaCon offers a series of Quest Card Adventures, which feature a variety of fun missions and reward attendees for successful completion of tasks.

You will find plenty of analog games including Catan, Magic the Gathering, WOW; digital games like Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom, Soul Caliber on PC, PS3, XBox Kinect; miniature wargaming, Cosplay and LARP activities.

For live-wire enthusiasts, there is also a 24-hour Iron Painter challenge and a 24-hour Overnight Analog Gaming Room. Yes, 24 hours of gaming. Pure heaven.

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When it held its first convention last year at KDU University College, MaGaCon hosted Live Action Role Playing (LARP) campaigns – a first in Malaysia. LARP involves role-playing live adventure stories as their chosen cosplay characters.

A true-blue convention
What’s great about MaGaCon is that it is optimised for activity areas, a true-blue “convention” and not a mish-mash of exhibition and show booths.

Game-lover Chang independently funded MaGaCon for two years. While challenging, Chang laments that it has to be done as there has never been any gaming convention locally like in foreign countries, such as Penny Arcade Expo.

MaGacon runs for a full day this weekend until its closing on Sunday night. Tickets are priced at RM40 for a 1-day pass, and a 2-day pass costs RM60.

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Let’s have fun!

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