LG first to rollout Android 5.0 Lollipop

LG gets Lollipop
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LG has announced that its the first global smartphone vendor to roll out the Android Lollipop upgrade in 2014, starting with its G3 smartphones in Poland. Other markets will follow.

Android Lollipop is the biggest overhaul in UI ever, bringing the new “Material Design” language with added fluidity, depth and purposeful animations. Notifications are improved with a new layout and colour scheme and there will also be a new lock screen.

Lollipop also brings a new security feature to strengthen connectivity between devices — enabling users to unlock their smartphone when physically near a pre-registered Bluetooth device such as a LG G Watch or G Watch R.

Lollipop is also faster, smoother and more responsive with the new Android Runtime (ART).

More on Android Lollipop here.

Updates relating to LG devices will be announced soon as the Lollipop upgrade becomes available in local markets. Stay tuned for some sweetness!

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