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In the automotive world, Aston Martin stands as one of the most iconic luxury sports car marques, renowned for their beautifully designed, performance-bred grand tourers. With an unwavering commitment to perfection whether in terms of aesthetics, performance, or functionality, Aston Martin was looking to standardise its workstation portfolio across various work streams throughout the company. It was no surprise that the British company ultimately chose Lenovo as their official workstation partner, seeing the leading PC maker’s track record in delivering performance and reliability.

“You can’t design or build cars without workstations,” said Steve O’Connor, director of IT at Aston Martin.

“Lenovo’s workstation catalogue allows us to configure our machines across the main workloads of our organisation including styling and design, CAD and engineering to match each team’s unique needs.”

The design team at Aston Martin uses Lenovo workstations powered by NVIDIA Quadro GPUs to blend the digital and physical side of design, modelling, rendering, and more. From comparing clay sculpting to digital sketches, or transferring milled models to rendered models, Lenovo workstations are up to the task. Lenovo hardware is present in the company’s workflow—right from the design of the cars to the production.

With the new normal of working remotely, Aston Martin utilises ThinkPad P Series mobile workstations, which deliver desktop-class performance on-the-go. Harnessing mobile NVIDIA Quadro pro graphics, Lenovo mobile workstations offer Aston Martin the uncompromising ability to design, engineer, and visualise workflows.

“My impressions of the P1 was I didn’t actually believe that we could get everything that we were asking for inside as small and light in comparison to other mobile workstations,” O’Conner lamented.

Prior to standardising on Lenovo, Aston Martin said it struggled with consistency, reliability and visibility into future hardware developments required to optimise performance.

They needed a partner that could deliver both technical hardware expertise and a symbiotic relationship. What Lenovo could offer was insight into its product roadmap to ensure that its workstations would remain current with Aston Martin’s technical needs, from now to beyond.

“We use a lot of different software from companies such as Adobe and Autodesk, and basically cover every application category that you can think of,” said O’Connor. “The Lenovo Performance Tuner allows us to easily keep the profiles changing and adapting to the applications that the designers and engineers are running. Not only are we confident that our workstations are the most up-to-date that they’ve ever been, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a complaint from engineering or design in the last three or four years since we standardised on Lenovo.”

Learn more about how Lenovo and NVIDIA are fuelling Aston Martin’s innovation.

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