Lee Kwang Soo has lost his edge. Can you help him find it?

Lee Kwang Soo
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The Running Man has lost it. His spanking new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, that is. And he wants Malaysian fans to help him find it. Lee Kwang Soon aka ‘Prince of Asia’ is making his way to Malaysia, as ambassador for Samsung’s new sexy flagship, set to officially launch on 17 March 2016.

Attendees at the launch at the concourse of KLCC will certainly be in for a treat, as Kwang Soo is expected to make an appearance.

In a video message posted on social media, Kwang Soo revealed that he has lost his Galaxy S7 edge in Malaysia and needs your help to find it.


Sure, it’s a marketing ploy to generate buzz for the upcoming launch, yes. But hey, if Kwang Soo has really lost his phone, our friends at TheSkop has a simple solution for that.

The Galaxy S7 edge is undoubtedly the best from Samsung, and is the closest to a perfect phone there is, if there was such a thing. Beautifully designed and impeccably built, it’s also dust- and water-resistant and now features a microSD slot.

Underneath, it gets the kick-ass octa-core Exynos, one of the quickest processors in the mobile space currently. The brilliant 5.5-inch QHD Super AMOLED display with dual-curve edges make a comeback, and now features an Always On Display (AOD).

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With enhanced Edge UX, the edge gets even better than before.

Its claim to fame, though, is the superb, cutting edge 12MP Dual Pixel f/1.7 main shooter that blows everything else away.

Not convinced? Read this.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is officially hitting Malaysian shores on 17 March 2016. Pre-orders for the new device kicked-off on 7 March through Samsung and various telcos. The Galaxy S7 edge retails at MYR3,099 (incl. GST).

Are you ready for life on the edge?

Learn more about the Galaxy S7 edge here:

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