LEAKED: Is This The New Quad-Core Samsung Galaxy S III?

Samsung Galaxy S III
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Samsung Galaxy S III
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Source: 3G.co.uk

What do you do when you have the best Android smartphone in the world? You first pat yourself on the back and say “Well done”, make yourself a double shot expresso and then you get back to work and make an even better product. This is exactly what the hardworking people at Samsung has done. The Samsung Galaxy S II is by far the best-selling Android smartphone in 2011, and for good reason. Slim, sexy and speedy, Samsung have outdone themselves by really upping the ante and redefining what a good smartphone should be. Thanks to a tipster at the 4Chan forums, specs and images of the Samsung Galaxy S III have been leaked. Some specs after the jump.

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According to the source, the Galaxy S III will be a 2Ghz quad-core CPU with a whopping 1.5GB. No details on what processor and GPU but highly likely to be Samsung’s own, not unlike the S II. Performance is expected to be mind-blowing. We’re talking tablet/notebook-type performance here (in fact, even the S II blows away tablets in terms of performance).

The trend for bigger, better displays (hint: the Samsung Note) will be reinforced with the inclusion of a 4.25 inch Super AMOLED III display which is being developed specifically for the Galaxy SIII, running at an amazing 1280*1024. The current S II has one of the best cameras in smartphones, but Samsung is expected to include a 10MP rear camera which can record 1080p HD videos at 60fps. The S III is expected to run Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich and feature Samsung Touchwiz 5.0.

The Samsung Galaxy S III will feature NFC support for selected markets, just as the Nexus S and S II is currently. No details on battery life, which is a little distressing, although the current S II is above average.

From the sounds of it, the S III is going to be mind-blowing. Setting the standards again, are we Samsung?

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  • Vernon Chan

    Won’t be out so soon. Won’t go wrong with the S II. 🙂

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