Latest Shell V-Power campaign focuses on ultimate engine protection

Shell V-Power
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Using the best quality fuel is essential for your engine. The right fuel helps to protect your engine against the build-up of gunk and corrosion. We often overlook the importance of quality fuel, and so Shell Malaysia has launched a new Shell V-Power campaign that’s centered on engine protection.

 For maximum impact, Shell worked with top Hollywood production teams to create an epic 60-second commercial. While the commercial will most certainly keep viewers on the edge of their seats (ala Transformers if you will), it will drive the importance of engine protection.

The video, featuring some state-of-the-art CGI, depicts a thrilling car chase scene where a car protected by Shell V-Power is being pursued by an organic creature representing gunk and corrosion. In the end, the car reaches a Shell petrol station unscathed, with the creature ultimately, defeated.

Shell V-Power’s unique formulation is designed to protect the engine against gunk and corrosion, keeping the vehicle performing as new. For old engines, Shell V-Power helps gradually remove gunk from the engine, while preventing further corrosion.

‘Gunk’ is really carbon deposits that can form in the fuel intake system of the engine. Corrosion on the other hand, happens when metal surfaces rust, corrode due to wear and tear and insufficient lubrication.
Shell V-Power actively cleans the engine, and forms a protective layer on metal surfaces. This helps your engine perform to its potential, and ultimately delivers more power.

While Shell V-Power actively cleans and protects the fuel intake system, Shell Helix Ultra motor lubricants completes the picture for total engine protection.

Did you know that a perception trial conducted in 2015 with Malaysian tourists found nine out of 10 Malaysians experienced a positive difference driving with Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology coupled with Shell V-Power?

Shell Helix also recently launched Malaysia’s first and only engine warranty program. With every purchase of a 4-litre pack of Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology fully synthetic or HX7 E synthetic technology motor oil, get engine warranty free. This warranty protects against lubricant-related engine failure for up to 12 years or 200,000km, whichever comes first.

From my first car to my current, Shell has been my trusted brand for fuel and lubricants. Shell V-Power and V-Power Racing have been mainstay for me for a decade. Whether a stock vehicle or highly-tuned, Shell V-Power is the fuel that offers ultimate performance and protection.
Give your car the best, I say.

IA- Shopee Mart
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