Jisoncase Genuine Leather Back Case for iPhone 8 Plus review

Jisoncase iPhone 8 Plus review
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I don’t know about you, regardless of what smartphone makers tell you – Gorilla Glass protection, most durable glass ever, yada yada yada…I never use a smartphone without a case. Whether it’s a minimal slim case or a hardcore Otterbox or Lifeproof case, my devices never ever go naked. Of course, it isn’t just about protection. Cases are about individuality and style. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a case, so it was great timing that casemaker Jisoncase offered to send over a couple of test units.

Since I had a bunch of newish phones with me – Apple iPhone 8 Plus and a Samsung Galaxy S9+, I thought I’d test out a couple of new cases.

You may not have heard of Jisoncase. They’re a casemaker based out of Guangzhou, China (with an office in Los Angeles), and they’ve been making cases since 2001. They design and make cases for a plethora of devices including iPhones, iPads, MacBook, Android devices as well as watch straps for the Apple Watch.

Jisoncase’s unique selling proposition, I feel, is the leather that they use for some of their cases. Depending on the leather cases that you select, there’s a wax-sealed first layer of cow leather or also ostrich leather that’s imported from Australia. There are also faux leather options which Jisoncase calls “microfibre enhanced PU leather.”

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For my iPhone 8 Plus, I got the Jisoncase Genuine Leather Slim Fit Back Case that’s also available for the iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The slim leather case is made of genuine leather, 100 percent handcrafted. It feels good in the hands and looks premium.

What I like is that it feels solid and offers 360-degree protection without adding too much bulk to the phone. The cut-out for the rear camera lens has a 0.2mm additional depth to protect the lens.

Overall fit and finish is excellent. Putting on the case is as easy as snapping it on. Fit is reassuringly snug as the frame closely wraps around the phone. Removing doesn’t take too much effort either.

With the device buttons covered by the case, you may be wondering if they lose some of their responsiveness to input. I’m happy to report that there’s little or no noticeable difference in responsiveness. Buttons don’t feel difficult to press, unlike some cases out there. The mute button however, may need a little prodding, and people with smaller, nimbler fingers may find it easier to toggle.

I like that the interior of the case is made of a soft fabric that not only keeps the phone scratch-free and non-slip, but also keeps it cool.

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The only downside is that the bottom of the phone is mostly left unprotected. Given the design of the phone and how the Lightning Port and down-firing stereo speakers are located, it’s not really a surprise.

Jisoncase iPhone 8 Plus review
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What I like

  • Premium-looking, feels good
  • Well-made, good quality
  • Great all-round protection
  • Affordable

What I don’t like

  • Doesn’t protect bottom of phone

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Overall, it’s a great-looking case that offers good protection and doesn’t break the bank.

It costs just USD21.99 (MYR92) and is available in Black, Blue, Brown and Red colour options.

Interested to get protection in style? Head over to Jisoncase. Ships worldwide.



Overall, it’s a great-looking case that offers good protection and doesn’t break the bank.


Great-looking case that's solidly built and affordable too.


  • Design and Build

  • Protection

  • Pricing & Value for Money

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