iPhone 6s buyer unlocks a shocking deal at 11street

11street iPhone 6s fraud
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Remember the incident where a Nexus 6P buyer received a package of six pairs of earrings instead? Bad things can happen when online shopping, no matter how foolproof a system can be. It then boils down to how quick the site attends to the customer and solves the issue.

I was tipped by a friend on Facebook regarding a fraud case involving 11street over the weekend, and alerted 11street. Thankfully, the team was already on the case.

In a nutshell, the customer involved was Alans Ng – who purchased an Apple iPhone 6s 16GB Rose Gold unit via 11street. He was in for a shocker when he opened his delivery. Instead of a spanking new iPhone 6s in the box, it was a padlock. Oddly, the outside packaging arrived sealed and appeared untampered with.

11street iPhone 6s fraud

11street’s team moved swiftly into action when they were made aware of the case. Within 24 hours, the team had contacted Alans with the resolution to replace the item with a new iPhone 6s. As of today, Alans has collected the replacement item, and plans to buy another set from the same seller.

According to Mr Alans, “I believe this is truly a case of potential stolen goods as the seller and 11street were swift to respond and logically speaking, they were also victims of this case. It is from my understanding that with the ESCROW system, 11street will not disburse payment to the seller, until the buyer confirms and is entirely happy with the purchase. In my case, the iPhone I received today is verified genuine and with such good deal, I’ve decided to purchase another set from the same seller.”

11street has gone on record to say that it takes fraud cases seriously, and has classified this case as a criminal offence for potential of stolen goods. 11street with the help of the seller and customer are working to file a police report for investigation.

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11street iPhone 6s fraud
Alans Ng, with representatives from 11street

Just so you know,  11street uses an ESCROW system where it will not disburse payment to the seller until the buyer confirms the purchase. This is an added safety feature and gives peace of mind to shoppers.

Online shopping is easy, convenient and safe (generally). While we ourselves practice vigilance, there will be black hats out there trying to make a fast buck. When bad things happen though, don’t remain quiet. Bring it up to the proper channels and authorities, so online shopping can be safe and worry-free for all.

Kudos to 11street for its swift action.

11street iPhone 6s fraud

Thanks @Keegan Lam for the tip.

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