‘iPhone 6’ mockup vs iPod touch 5G: Could this actually be the new iPod 6G?

iPhone 6 mock
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Macitynet has once again leaked mock-ups of the purported upcoming iPhone 6, side-by-side with the fifth generation iPod touch. The realistic mock-up appears to be very close to what the rumour mills have been describing about the future iPhone.

iPhone 6 mock
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Clues point to a bigger… iPod touch

The exterior is aluminium-based unibody, not unlike the iPod 5G, and has rounded edges instead of angular like the current iPhone 5s. The ‘iPhone 6’ loses the glass back. The power button has moved from top the left, while the mute rocker and volume buttons are placed on the right.

The mockup is slightly thicker than the iPod touch and this perhaps is to accommodate possibly a bigger battery to support the bigger, rumoured 4.7-inch display.

The camera module is sans a dual flash, and protective glass over the camera lens. Lest we forget this is a mock-up, so may not be the most accurate depiction of the real product, to state the obvious.

At the bottom, the speaker grill is more akin to the iPod touch than the iPhone, and the 3.5mm audio jack remains on the left. A Lightning port is juxtaposed in the middle.

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Check out Macitynet for more photos.

Looking it all the mock-up comparison photos, I suspect this to be the next generation iPod touch more than the iPhone 6. Here are a couple of reasons:

1. No dual LED flash
2. Single speaker grill
3. No SIM tray

But heck, what do I know? Still pure speculation at this stage. What do you think? Do you think this could be the next iPhone 6 design? Do you like it?

Source: Macitynet.it



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  • Trav Easton

    I agree in terms of the speaker grill, the iPhone 5 has a total of 26
    holes, whereas the iPod 5 has 5 and this has 6, indicating this is an
    upgraded iPod touch.

    I also believe that they would include dual
    LED flash in the iPhone 6 and not an iPod touch, just to keep the
    dividing line between iPod and iPhone.

    Although, this
    prototype does have a mute rocker, which isn’t on the iPod touch and it
    has a hole where the sim card tray would be, under the power button.

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