iPhone 3G for USD199? You gotta be kidding me!

AT - Alibaba

How about that? Twice as fast and at half the price! Amazing, amazing value for money. The new iPhone trounces the old with HSDPA and GPS (unfortunately retains the crap 2.0MP camera). No second camera for video calls, as rumoured which is a bummer. But heck, USD199 with contract and available in July in over 70 countries.

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Question is, why isn’t Malaysia on the list? Tiny neighbours Singapore are getting theirs on July 11. Maxis, hello???

Bottomline is, this is gonna blow the entire market away. Hardware-wise it isn’t a whole new reinvented iPhone, in fact it looks pretty much the same. With the iPhone 2.0 Software built-in, there are plenty of new extras. Fact is, Apple is trying to aggressively grow the market with the price point and bloody hell, I think it’s gonna work.

Five for me, please Steve. Thanks.

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