IKEA officially launches IKEA Online Store, ships nationwide

IKEA Online Store
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There’s nothing like walking into an IKEA store. The leading Swedish home furnishing store defined the shopping experience when it debuted several decades ago, and to this day, IMHO, remains unmatched. I love browsing down the aisles – armed with the free pencil, measuring tape and note sheet, with the familiar yellow IKEA shopping bag under the arm. But you know, sometimes we’re too busy. Sometimes there isn’t an IKEA store nearby. What do we do when we need that IKEA fix? Well, you go online of course.

As it goes, IKEA’s online store quietly went online at the end of June. It was part of an end-to-end testing of its e-commerce system. IKEA said it was part of a customer-centric effort, which allowed the company to gather learnings, feedback and best practices to ensure a seamless shopping experience throughout all touchpoints.

Well, it looks like it’s ready. Everyone say hello to the IKEA Online Store, now officially launched. The online store provides access to over 9,000 home furnishing products that are signature IKEA – low priced, well-designed, quality and functional.

Listings are grouped into different categories including desks & computer desks, tables, bedroom, beds, chairs, kids, and more.

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The online store extends delivery throughout the country. You can easily browse and order from the vast catalogue and have your order shopped to you anywhere you are.

Orders can be shipped via parcel delivery or truck delivery. Parcel delivery covers small items and it will costs MYR40 per order. Truck delivery on the other hand will set you back at least MYR98 (Yellow zone) depending on your location/zone. Other zones include Blue (MYR140) and Pink (MYR235).

If you live in East Malaysia, you’re not left out although it will cost slightly more. For parcel deliveries, it’s MYR100; while truck (Kuching, Miri and Kota Kinabalu) will cost MYR675. Click and Collect will set you back MYR575 (this includes shipping to East Malaysia, then you pick up your order from a collection centre).

IKEA also supports corporate or bulk orders. You’ll need to email them via this link.

In true IKEA fashion, if you’re not the DIY type, you can get expert IKEA installers to assemble your purchased items for you. They cost extra, expectedly, usually 10 percent of the price of the item. You can check this item in the “Shipping” tab during checkout.

The store accepts all major debit and credit card payments via Visa or MasterCard.

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Ready to shop? Head over to IKEA.my.

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