How to make your Nintendo Wii U more kid-friendly



Parents always want the best for their young ones. And while you want your children to enjoy their Nintendo Wii U console, you still think of their safety as kids. With the new version of Wii being stashed under your Christmas tree, you have to check out these simple tips on how to protect your kids when playing with their newest Wii console.

Set up parental control

If you want to tailor your kid’s Nintendo Wii U according to your needs in restricting inappropriate content, here are some of the console’s features that you can control for your child’s safety:

  • PIN– You can create a four-digit PIN for your console so you can be able to change the settings and restrict the features and content of your Nintendo device.
  • Miiverse– You can tweak the functions of Miiverse on which items can be viewed by your child in the online community. Posting and content viewing can be limited on the settings.
  • Game rating- You can limit all usage of games that exceed the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating of your choice. If your child plays a game with an M (Mature) rating that you have set to be restricted, it will not load on the console.
  • Internet Browser- If you want to restrict your Nintendo Wii U to games and not for web browsing, then you can tweak it to apply the appropriate settings.
  • Nintendo eShopYou are allowed to limit the use of credit cards and online purchases of software in the eShop.
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These are just some features that you can prevent or limit to ensure your child’s safety. You can disable other online functions and apps in the console such as Wii Chat and exchange of game content. Deletion of software and data can also be restricted. Just make sure that when you set up the PIN, only you and/or other guardians can find out about it. In case you notice that the PIN was compromised, you will be asked to answer a security question that you set before.

Secure the Wii U GamePad

When you want to control your child’s play to when you’re around, all you have to do is to keep the GamePad in a safe place or lock it in your dresser. You don’t have to necessarily bring the entire console since the GamePad acts as the controller. Even if your child inserts a game CD on the Wii U hardware, he won’t be able to play even if he wants to.

Keep an eye on him

Even if you set up parental controls and keep the controller for safekeeping, your presence is still the best way to ensure child safety when playing games using any type of console. The Nintendo Wii U was made for sharing and for the enjoyment of all, so why don’t you spend some quality time with your child by playing Mario Kart with him? He’ll enjoy your gift even more when you do this.

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