Walauwei, now you can send Malaysiamoji GIFs on Facebook

Hotlink Malaysiamoji
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Fuyoh! In the spirit of Merdeka, Hotlink has just introduced its very own Malaysiamoji—a set of 60 special GIFs that captures every day Malaysian expressions, phrases and gestures. It’s a first-of-its-kind in the country, which means when you search for Malaysian-related keywords, Hotlink’s Malaysiamoji GIFs will be among the top results. Cool, wei!

Malaysia, being a melting pot of cultures, shares a common, unique language that’s spoken and understood by all regardless of background, age or ethnicity. What better way to celebrate our great diversity than by having our very own set of Malaysianised GIFs on social media platforms.

Common expressions like “muka sepuluh sen,” “ponteng,” “tolong,” “bojio,” and “blur” are part of the collection. And oh, “Merdeka!” too.

The Malaysiamoji GIFs is available now across all smartphone devices on Facebook, starting today, 31 August 2017. To find the GIFs, click on the GIF icon on Facebook, then enter #HotlinkMalaysiamoji in the search box.

Go ahead, go crazy!

Catch the hilarious Hotlink Malaysiamoji music video here:

For more info, you can also visit www.facebook.com/hotlink.

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