Hotlink FAST now gives free 8GB data on weekends, for free, for life

Hotlink FAST starter pack
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Having addressed its postpaid customers last week with a data tsunami, Maxis has just announced goodies for its prepaid customers. Hotlink FAST now gets more data. 8GB data per month, to be exact – specifically for weekends.

More FAST data

Hotlink FAST prepaid now gives customers free 2GB of fast 4G internet data every week for life. That’s 8GB per month, for every weekend. The great thing is, users do not need to do anything. There’s no minimum spend nor minimum reload. All you need to do is keep the account active.

All current Hotlink FAST users will be automatically upgraded.

Maxis wants its prepaid customers to enjoy its widest 4G network, and therefore is making the free 8GB/month on weekend deal, a permanent ‘for life’ deal.

On non-weekend days, you can enjoy value-for-money FAST internet deals. For instance, 5GB for MYR48/month, or the highly affordable daily pass of MYR3 for 1GB.

If you’re the chatty type, social chat is free, 24 hours a day. That’s right, that means regardless if it’s WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat or FB Messenger, you always chat for free.

Cheap to start

A Hotlink FAST starter pack starts at MYR10 and comes with 300MB preloaded high speed internet (valid two days) and MYR5 preloaded airtime (valid for five days).

Call rates are 6sen/30sec fo Activ10 numbers, or 12sen/30sec to all networks. SMS rates are 1sen/SMS to Active10, while it’s 12sen/SMS for all networks.

For existing Hotlink users, you can change to Hotlink FAST via Hotlink Red app, in just three steps. You can also do it via UMB by dialing *100*6*1#.

If you’re not currently a Hotlink user, you can choose to port-in and keep your existing number; or buy a new starter pack.

For more information on Hotlink FAST, visit

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  • Lim Kok Teng

    8GB per month will divide in to music and video ? or it allow us to use all without limit until 8GB ?

    • Sheng Qi Tan

      i dun think is unlimited but u better check wif the service center

    • Lim Kok Teng

      alright i better check with them , by the way thx too

    • heneymi

      this plan give 8gb free internet data is for weekend…how any other plan that give free internet data for weekdays and weekend?

    • pappine

      xpax turbo and telco d also gt give free internet data for weekdays and weekend..but compare with both of this xpax turbo give more free internet data which is up to 10gb

  • Winson

    Any prepaid plan come with more basic data ? this only give 300mb ><

    • himethoms

      this plan give 8gb free internet data per month…the 300mb is give for u when u start to subscribe to this plan (valid 2 days)…
      sure other telco offer more free internet data than this coz this plan came out quite long long ago ald..

    • pappine

      yup telco celcom give more free internet data which is up to 10gb of free internet data…Winson u can consider that.plan

    • jason

      wat?10gb of free internet data?is more than this plan!!!is it called xpax turbo?it’s actually for ppl who use internet at midnight..i think i can suggest this to my friend..

    • Winson

      Wau , that’s awesome! thank for the information and I think I will go and find out more 😉

    • Pamper Tiu

      i wondering this 8GB do able to use at weekday or not…

    • himethoms

      weekday and weekend is not limited..
      other telco (xpax turbo)offer more attractive plan that give 10gb of free internet data…and i dunno this plan gt updated or not…

    • Mushrom Poon

      Hmm, free every weekend, how about weekdays? weekdays ppl need data also what, 300MB mana cukup???

    • Amanda

      the major problem is only 4g network only..
      that mayne a lie because not every area have 4g

    • Bobby

      yeap quite sad and unfair for those live in rural area like me T.T

    • Pamper Tiu

      agree with that, just go for xpax turbo then, no matter 3g or 4g area, we do still can enjoy the free internet burung hantu, or enjoy rm30 for 4GB quota internet plan

    • DivasLim

      still free 8gb what, although is only available for 4G only, their 4G coverage also wide so need worry about that

    • Winson

      but then my area not in 4g coverage , that’s a sad story for me so I am looking for better telco plan and my member recommended me the new xpax turbo

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