honor 6X: Affordable, feature-packed smartphone made for photography

honor 6X

It’s impossible to talk about smartphones today, and not mention the camera. In fact, the two are inseparable. There’s a noticeable trend of dual-lens camera setups on today’s crop of smartphones. While this unique setup may have debuted on flagship devices, it’s trickling down to lower tier segments too. The honor 6X is the first of such devices, made to satisfy photography enthusiasts on a budget.

So, here’s five reasons why the honor 6X is the perfect device for photography.

First up, let’s get back to the dual-lens camera setup. The honor 6X sports a 12MP RGB sensor and a 2MP depth sensor. While one camera captures the colours from the RGB spectrum, the other captures details and depth. Thanks to some technical wizardry, information from both are fused together to give you the perfect photo.

honor 6X

One thing you’ll love on the honor 6X is its Wide Aperture Mode. When we shoot a portrait for instance, what makes it special would be the blurred background and the sharp foreground object. This is called bokeh, and this is only possible with a wide aperture and a narrow depth of field.

Wide Aperture Mode lets you control bokeh by setting an aperture value – from f/0.95 to f/16. What’s really cool though, if you shoot a photo using this mode, you’ll be able to refocus the shot at any time.

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For smartphones, it’s always a challenge when shooting in low-light environments or in the dark. Here’s where the Night Shot function on the honor 6X comes in handy. Fire up the camera up, swipe to the left to reveal various shoot modes, and select Night Shot.

honor 6X

One of the camera features I really like is the Long Exposure function. If you enjoy streetscapes and shooting in cities, the honor 6X’s long exposure mode will let you capture beautiful trail lights while keeping other objects in the scene sharp. If you’re into light painting or shooting silky water, this mode is your best friend, too.

Lastly, and possibly one of the most important elements in a smartphone camera is autofocus. The honor 6X sports Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF), which is quick to focus so you’ll never miss a shot.

And there you go – the honor 6X. An affordable, feature-packed smartphone that’s made for photography.

The honor 6X retails for MYR1,199 and is available at 11street and Lazada, and all major retailers online and offline.

For more information, visit hihonor/my.

This post is brought to you exclusively by honor Malaysia.


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