Honda Mean Mower V2

Honda lawnmower is faster than my car, and probably yours too

Honda Mean Mower V2 sets world record

Remember Honda’s speed demon Mean Mower? Yes, the fastest lawnmower in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. Pfft, but that’s old news, scrap that. The super suped up grass cutter is back with version deux and it’s just blown its old world speed record to smithereens.

In 2014, the original Mean Mower scurried to a top speed record of 116.47mph (187.44kmh). Team Dynamics, who built the original, then put together Mean Mower V2 in March this year, giving it a new power plant—the 999cc, 190bhp Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade.

In speed tests that ran recently in Debra Lausitzring, near Dresden, Germany, the ultra lightweight speedster hit 0-100km/h in under three seconds and 0-161kmh/ in 6.29 seconds. It then went all the way to hit an astonishing top speed of 242.99km/h (150.99).

Honda Mean Mower V2

At just 69.1kg, the Mean Mower V2 has a better power-to-weight ratio than the Bugatti Chiron. That means two things: earth-shattering acceleration and lightning fast grass-cutting capability.

In the pilot seat was the very brave Jess Hawkins, an experienced gokarter, car racer and stunt driver.

VIA CarScoops

Jess Hawkins with Honda Mean Mower V2
Honda Mean Mower V2
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