15 minute fast-charge for Honda EV’s coming in 2022

Honda’s new range of full electric vehicles will come in 2022 with a fast charge time of just 15 minutes.

According to a post from Nikkei Asian Review, Honda is planning to build a fleet of electric cars with a driving range of 250km on a single charge, all within a charge time of just 15 minutes. In order for the brand to achieve this goal, they would have to stop using the Panasonic based batteries and develop a new battery pack with a new strategic partner.

Thelatter is yet to be confirmed. The batteries would have to be able to handle lightning quick charging and be complemented by an efficient power controlling system, all packed in a lightweight body for better range.

Now, most car manufacturers have their own network of efficient charging systems to support their vehicles. If Honda doesn’t have their own charging network which can support such speeds, their efforts would all be in vain.

However, the European Union is expected to bring in a large number of 350kW charging stations by the year 2020. Japan could be the next country to do so by upgrading their regular 150kW fast charging stations to the larger 350kW charge limits.

But as of now, Honda will only be able to launch a mass-market electric car in Europe by 2019 followed by Japan in 2020. This said model could be the Honda Urban EV which was unveiled at the recent Frankfurt Auto Show back in September.

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TheUrban EV is a quirky little car as it resembles the original Honda Civic from the 1970s. The uniquely designed hatchback is packed with a host of innovative features.

The black slab which acts out as the grille of the car can actually project messages to oncoming pedestrians and other road users. ..

But when the Urban EV was unveiled, Honda strayed away from providing any information on the battery life. However, based on the new report, the actual range could be down from 322km as their targeted range to 250km instead.

Butall of this can be forgiven if Honda succeeds in developing the fast charging station. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Honda


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