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GSMA Mobile Asia Congress: Day 2: Macworld Mobile


Macworld Mobile 2010
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Day 2 of the GSMA Mobile Asia Congress @ Hong Kong Exhibition & Convention Centre. Apologies for not posting Day 1 first, but the first day was packed with many keynotes, forums and speakers, so was not able to squeeze everything into a proper post (promise that will come within a day).

The MAC has several segments, one being the MAC congress and exhibition itself, as well as App Planet featuring the developer-centric App Planet Forum, Macworld Mobile and App Bytes. I’m attending App Planet (which kicked off yesterday with a full-day of forums and keynotes) and today it’s all iOS-centric with Macworld Mobile.

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Macworld Mobile is a one-day developer conference for iOS developers offering technical training and programming tips and tricks, as well as business development and networking opportunities. Covers wide topics including how to best utilise iOS development frameworks, code optimisation, app portability, platform segmentation and other relevant topics.

The morning kicked off a short intro by Macworld Mobile’s Paul Kent, then swiftly on with the first speaker President of Kendall Gelner of KiGi Software,┬ácovering the topic of “Xcode Customisation”. Kendall is a developer based in Denver, Colorado, USA, and showed the attendees (only 50% were developers) ways to make development in Xcode more efficient through shortcuts, tips and powerful use of templates, text macros and user scripts. Grab his preso slides here – . (link seems to be down at time of writing).

Next up was Nathan Eror, Principal Instructor from Free Time Studios, covering “Using Core Animation to Build Attractive Interfaces”. Nathan is a regular speaker at iOS Developer ┬áconferences in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and he is the co-organizer of the Houston iPhone Developer Meetup group and iPhoneDevCamp Houston. He touched on the benefits of using Core Animation, and how to use it effectively in UIKit. He also showed the differences between Core Animation and UIKit. He shared some examples and sample code which you can grab from here –

Pretty interesting tracks so far although I’m stoned out of my mind from having only 2 hours of sleep. The sleep deprivation and looking at code isn’t the best combination to stay awake! It will be a full day and next up will be very engaging tracks – “In-App Purchases”, “Survival Kit for App Development Team”, “iOS Design for Developers: Improving Usability and Appeal of Your Applications”, “Game Center, Beyond Games” and “Social Media Opportunities for iOS Developers”. Intense is an understatement. Will write more later.

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