Got a Mac problem? Apple Support is now on Twitter

Apple Support Twitter
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For the biggest, most valuable tech company in the world, Apple hasn’t always been the quickest to embrace social media. And that, may even be an understatement. Even its own attempts at introducing social networks like iTunes Ping have been half-hearted at best (and fallen flat on its face). But here’s some good news: Apple Support is now on Twitter @AppleSupport

The very first Apple Support tweet was about 20 hours ago, and since then there’s been plenty of activity from customers. Its followers have quickly grown to 110,000 as of press time.

The channel will provide tips, tricks and helpful information for followers, as well as support on all Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, hardware and software-related issues.

Apple Support on Twitter is available daily from 5AM to 8PM PST (9PM to 12PM next day MST).

An interesting conversation between Apple Support and a follower here.







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