Google Launches 8-bit Google Maps for NES. Brilliant.

Google Maps 8-bit
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The brilliant people at Google realised one thing. They’ve forgotten about the 60 million Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) users worldwide. The retro 18-year old platform classic has been left out of the loop but not any longer. With the help of Nintendo and Square Enix, and harnessing the power of Google’s immense data centers, Google is launching an 8-bit version of Google Maps.

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Yes, you heard it right. Google has built a version of Google Maps for NES, with beautiful low-res graphics, simple and intuitive controls, and a timeless soundtrack. Trust me when I say it’s so, so cool!

Google is working hard to make Google Maps 8-bit for NES available in the Google Store as soon as possible. A mobile version for Game Boy is also under development.

Google Maps 8-bit Box
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Google Maps 8-bit Box

If you’re eager to try it out, a limited edition trial is available for the desktop. Click on the “Quest” box in the top right corner of Google Maps to get started. Enjoy.


April Fool’s comes early @ Googlesphere.

That’s why we love Google!

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