Goodbye, Google Drive for Mac/PC. Backup and Sync your data before March 2018

Google Drive is as ubiquitous on our digital devices as the operating systems that run them. Millions use the service to backup and synchronise files across Macs, PCs, smartphones and tablets. But be forewarned: Google is killing the app.

Just to be clear, Google Drive as an PC/Mac desktop app is on its last legs. But the service is not going away. So, don’t panic. Your files and data are safe. Google announced in July that Google Drive will stop working on 12 March 2018. The good news is that it has a replacement—Backup and Sync—which offers more advanced backup and sync functions.

Backup and Sync is available now, so you can choose to install it right now, or before the deadline.

Google said it will stop supporting Google Drive on 11 December 2017, which is a little confusing as a statement.

So what’s with the move?

Well, while Google Drive is great for synchronising files, Backup and Sync lets you backup the contents of your entire computer. Yes, you can still backup and sync selected folders as per usual.

Synchronisation works both ways, naturally. Just as you can sync folders or your computer to the cloud, you can also sync folders in the cloud to your computer.

It’s a great way of keeping safe backups of your important files in your cloud. It’s not a replacement restore tool though, for that you’ll need to rely on other means to restore your OS.

Another nifty feature is the ability to upload photos and videos to Google Photos. You can select this option if you want all your photos on your computer to show up on Google Photos.

It isn’t a mad rush (you still have a couple of months), but you may want to install Backup and Sync right now.

Additionally, for businesses using G Suite, a new Drive option is on the way—Drive File Stream. The app enables companies to store files in the cloud, and streaming them to PCs on-demand when they’re needed.

Here’s a comparison between the consumer Backup and Sync vs the enterprise Drive File Stream:

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