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Get the Apple iPhone SE for just MYR45/mth with Maxis Zerolution


The palm-friendly powerhouse – Apple iPhone SE will be available from Maxis starting Friday, May 13. The best way to buy the new iDevice, I reckon, is via Maxis’ Zerolution device ownership program. And you can take one home from as low as MYR45/month.

Zerolution lets you walk into a Maxis Centre, without any cash, or credit card, and walk out with a new iPhone. The unique device ownership program is strictly a no-plan contract, and if you want, you can upgrade to the latest iPhone every single year.

For example, the iPhone SE that retails at MYR1,949 can be owned for just MYR45/month, paid over 24 months, interest-free. This goes together with your phone bill. You’ll need to choose a MaxisONE plan (128/158/188) to go with the phone.

If you’re one of those who loves to upgrade often, then an additional MYR20/month will give you the ability to upgrade every year. Return the old phone in good working condition, and a get a new phone on Zerolution. For added peace of mind, you can protect your phone from accidental damage or theft for MYR23/month more.

Maxis Zerolution Apple iPhone SE
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Zerolution is definitely a great way to own the new iPhone SE. Hassle-free, interest-free and contract-free. It’s perfect for those who love to upgrade often, too, thanks to its yearly upgrade option.


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