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It’s an understatement to say that the upcoming 14th General Election (GE14 or PRU14) will be the most nail-biting and hotly contested election in the nation’s history. To keep up to date with the election results, there’s a new website that features an interactive map of all 222 parliamentary constituencies.

[UPDATE] List of alternative sites to stay updated with results.

The map gives you a visual representation of the parliamentary election results at regular intervals, starting from the evening of 9 May 2018 as official results are announced.

The site currently showcases parliamentary reults from the 13th General Election as a comparison to track the performance of all contesting parties.

The GE14MAP is user-friendly and can be easily accessible through any devices including smartphones.

GE14 is to be held on Wednesday, 9 May 2018, and at stake are 222 seats in the Dewan Rakyat and 505 seats in 12out of 13 state legislative assemblies.

This year’s general election may be the most controversial yet. Amongst others, the government is accused of gerrymandering and manipulating the composition of electoral seats in favour of the ruling party, Barisan Nasional.

Some Malaysians have also protested that the Election Commission (EC) for setting the Polling Day on midweek.

Controversies aside, let’s hope for a fair and peaceful election, and for a better Malaysia.

Happy voting!

Check out the interactive map at GE14AMAP now.

Alternative links for GE14 live result updates:


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