Four reasons why you should ditch your home video game console

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Nowadays, gadgets can range from anything – a phone, a web browser, a digital camera, or a gaming device. Even smartphones and tablets can now be described as gadgets primarily used for playing games. Android, iOS, and Windows platforms are filling up their app stores with truckloads of games which can render your living room gaming console obsolete.

You take a look at it and you realise it has become too heavy, too bulky or too immobile for you despite your undying love for Mario Brothers or Grand Theft Auto in widescreen. Should you sell it now? Has your console eaten up too much of your limited living space? Is it time to say goodbye to your long-time game controllers? Below are four reasons why you should bid your beloved home console goodbye, and instead stick to your smartphone or portable gadgets when you want to kill time and have fun:

It’s inconvenient

Remember the time when cellular phones were two inches thick and televisions had curves on their backs and CRT on their insides? A gaming console is usually bulky; and therefore eats up a lot of space. Your apartment is already too small to fit a 42-inch television, much more so a big gaming console. Plus, there’s a lot of stuff you need to plug and connect before you can even play, so you really need to think about giving your console away.

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You’re not a hardcore gamer

So you’ve never had a copy of Call of Duty, Silent Hill, or even an NBA Live game in your console. Then perhaps it’s time for you to just continue playing Crash Bandicoot on your iPhone or iPad. It only costs $2.99 on iTunes, and saves you money rather than buying it for $5.99 for your PS3. If you love simple games to kill time and don’t necessarily play RPG, action, or adventure-themed games, an Android or iOS device will be good enough.

You’re always out

If your mother tells you that you never stay at home a lot, then you might need to put your console up for sale on eBay. Don’t even wonder why your game console is already gathering dust in your living room, because it only means you don’t use it a lot. You can play Dead Trigger or Inotia on your iOS and Android devices if you want action and adventure games right at your fingertips. They can be great alternatives to the games you play on your gaming console at home.

You prefer touch UI

Hardcore gamers are often staunch supporters of console controllers. A controller is easy to tilt and press, and it is tough. However, if your hands are more adept at tapping or swiping a screen rather than pressing buttons when you play a game, it’s very obvious that you should choose to play games using a tablet rather than getting your hands numb on the game console at home.

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It is still your choice if you want to leave your Xbox, PS3 or Wii unloved in the living room. But, there will always be other people out there who are willing to adopt your gaming console and treasure it more than you do. You can give it to a person who you think deserves it this Christmas, or sell it to your neighbor who loves playing Dishonored and Resident Evil. It’a great way to de-clutter, earn money, and make somebody happy.

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