Ferrari is building a utility vehicle but it’s not an SUV

Ferrari GTC4Lusso
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You read that right. From “probably” to “definitely”. Ferrari is indeed going to build an SUV in the near future. So, Ferrari or Maserati or Alfa Romeo. Which one would you choose as your next Italian SUV?

Back in August, Ferrari’s CEO, Sergio Marchionne said that a Ferrari SUV would “probably” happen. But, at the New York Stock Exchange, Marchionne said that Ferrari is indeed building an SUV.

For a long time, Marchionne has denied anything about Ferrari ever building an SUV. In fact, he sometimes emphasizes the life and death situation as to how serious he is. If you remember back in February 2016, he said that you would have to “shoot him first” before Ferrari ever dove into the SUV world.

Fast forward to the present day and the tables have eventually turned. When he said that Ferrari would be making them, he as always, invoked the life and death situation. Take a chill pill, Sergio.

Strangely enough, when Marchionne agreed to the SUV portfolio, he had a different term to the segment. Instead of calling it an SUV, he’s calling it FUV. What does that even mean? Well, they’re owning the term “Ferrari Utility Vehicle”. And, it’s official.

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“Sport Utility Vehicle” (SUV), “Sport Activity Vehicle” (SAV), “Multi-Purpose Vehicle” (MPV)? Run of the mill. Boring. Guess FUV it is, then.

The closest we can think off that could look like the new and upcoming FUV would be the Ferrari GTC4Lusso. The reason? Because this is Ferrari’s actual day-to-day model, with a practical back seat and a large enough boot.

But still, a Ferrari SUV…I mean FUV? That does sound rather awesome. Other exotic Italian automakers already have their own SUV offerings like the Maserati Levante, Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Lamborghini’s upcoming Urus SUV.

Now, it’s about time the big daddy of all automakers drops in.

What are your thoughts on this new “invention”?

Source: Jalopnik Ferrari

ASUS ZenBook 13 14
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