With endless internet data, what would webe doing?


Imagine a world where mobile internet data is infinite. That’s right. An endless stream of ones and zeros. So we can do what matters. Like catch favourite flicks on-the-go in high resolution, or listening to favourite tunes when you’re out and about. Well, imagine no further. Because with webe, you can do all that and more. Now.

You see, webe offers never ending data. No, it’s not a dream. And it’s not an aspiration. It’s for real, and available right now. For just MYR79/month, you’ll get never ending data, calls and text. And guess what, you will enjoy RM79/month for the rest of your life, cool right!

The great thing is, it’s super for sharing too. Share webe with your family and friends. The more members you share it with, the cheaper each subsequent supplementary line gets. It works this way, you get MYR10 off the first line, MYR20 off the second, and MYR30 for the third and fourth. The fantastic thing is that all lines get the same never ending data, calls and text! No more sharing of quota!

But wait, with this ever-flowing internet data, how would one use it?

Let’s see. How about binge watching? Personally, I’m a sucker for good TV series or movie. I’m binge watch TV series like Mr. Robot on iflix, or House of Cards on Netflix. I catch re-runs of Top Gear, dive into Jamie Oliver’s food quests. Or when I’m feeling intellectual, I’ll dabble in those documentaries Netflix is known for.

YouTube is another place I hang out often. I love catching up on the latest reviews, vlogs, cinematic short films and the plethora of content available. In Full HD too.

Pretty often, I’m plugged into my headphones when I’m using public transport like the LRT or Monorail (best way to escape traffic). So I’ll be catching up on YouTube videos, Facebook videos, Instagram stories and such.

With all this consumption of content, the awesome thing is, I have zero worry about data or costs. Because webe gives me peace of mind.

The other thing I love is music streaming on Spotify. I can stream my favourite tunes when I’m on the go, and using webe’s endless data I can download Extreme quality music for offline listening. Again, it’s worry-free on webe.

Everyone has their indulgences and if you’re a heavy data user like I am, give webe a shot.

This post was brought to you exclusively by webe


By Vernon

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