DiGi WWWOW Awards: 8 Solid Reasons Why You Must Vote for Vernonchan.com

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WWWhat’s this all about? For the first time in Malaysia, DiGi is celebrating the best of Malaysian Internet with the DiGi WWWOW Awards. A program that is by the people and for the people.

Vote for your favourite online movers and shakers. Sponsors include Google, Malaysia Airlines, MSN, LowYat.net, NuffNang, Facebook, Flickr, just to name a few. The awards cover several key categories including Best Internet for All Idea/Campaign, Blogger of the Year, Online Shop of the Year and Fave Tech Head. The contest period runs from 21 April, 2011 until 20 June, 2011. Vernonchan.com is currently in the running in the Fave Tech Head category, so start voting! Just to convince you on why you MUST vote for this site, read on!

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Here’s 8 reasons why you should vote for Vernonchan.com:

  1. Live and Breathe Tech – whether it is technology in general, or the latest gadgetry, I consider myself a living, breathing example of a tech-head and an early adopter. That simply means one thing – you get the latest reviews and takes on new technology. Right here.
  2. Honest to God Reviews – I believe in testing, using, touching and feeling products and services. The core of what I do at Vernonchan.com is trying out and giving balanced opinions and commentaries. This in turn, helps you make good, educated buying decisions on gadgets and geekery.
  3. Pretty Good Writing – While it’s nice to plonk plenty of pretty pictures and funky, jazzy cosmetics, I believe in the value of good writing and knowledge-sharing. I believe I’m a decent enough writer – contributing to Goreng.my, Cars.MY magazine, Technorati’s Blogcritics, and coming soon car endeavour, The Car Guys. This is what you, my readers, will derive from this site.
  4. Have Legs, Will Travel – Covering events (whether tech, cars or lifestyle) is part and parcel of informing the audience, and expect plenty of this at Vernonchan.com.
  5. We Search, Research – Facts, figures, accuracy. I like to think that backing up what I write on the site with plenty of research and facts offers much more value than just opinionated fluff.
  6. Rich Media, Cross Platform – Vernonchan.com isn’t just merely a static website with pictures and text. Increasingly, the site will feature video content, video and audio podcasts and a proper mobile version for smartphones & tablets is planned for the future.
  7. It’s a Daily Thang – I am working towards making this site a daily, with updates 5 times a week. Fast and Furious? Hell yes it is, just as tech should be.
  8. It’s a WIP – As they say, change is the only constant and in line with that fact, Vernonchan.com is always a WIP in terms of UI/UX, content and features. The strive for being bigger and better is a long term one. And it’s all for you! 🙂
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SO, Show Some Love, peeps! All you need to do is click on the banner below which will take you to the voting page, and click VOTE! You can vote once every day till the end of the contest. Your support is very much appreciated!

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