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Digi subscribers are in for a big treat this month and the next. In conjunction with National Day, Digi is throwing in free Unlimited Internet for 61 days as part of its “Internet Gemilang” campaign. The offer is available for all existing and new Digi customers on selected Postpaid, Prepaid and Broadband plans.

Unlimited internet sounds great. So does free. The offer runs from 1 August till 30 September 2018, and is applicable daily from 12AM to 12PM.

It is offered to principal Postpaid Mobile and Broadband customers with plans of MYR38 and above. Additionally, Prepaid Internet plans of MYR38 and above, and Prepaid Digi Home Broadband Monthly RM60 plans also qualify for the offer.

It's #InternetGemilang ?? We want to thank you Digi Postpaid customers with Unlimited Internet from 12AM – 12PM everyday for 61 days! Find out more http://digi.my/gemilangfbTerms and conditions apply.

Posted by Digi on Wednesday, August 1, 2018

If you qualify for the offer, the Unlimited Internet data will be automatically granted to you on 1-2 August, so you don’t need to manually activate.

Note that the offer is available for principal lines only and is not shareable with supplementary lines in the family.

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According to Digi’s FAQ, the Unlimited Internet data is not applicable for peer-to-peer downloads and tethering. If you do happen to do P2P downloads and tethering from 12AM to 12MP, you will use data from your bundled internet quota.

However, if you’re on Digi Broadband with eligible plans, you’re free to use Unlimited Internet for P2P downloads and tethering.

If you’re currently on Digi’s Super Tererr 38 (or Super Tererr 58) plans, you’re already enjoying Unlimited Internet. That said, Digi is throwing in additional 2GB internet data upon every successful activation or renewal of your internet plan, during 1 August to 30 September.

Digi says that there is no speed restriction on the free data. Speed and quality of service may differ depending on service area, the number of users and connected devices. All Digi Fair Usage policy applies.

Source: Digi

ASUS ZenBook 13 14
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